About Us

Hi and thank you for checking us out. Actually, us is me, Ion Itescu. I am Books Online Plus. I started selling online part time in 2000, and went full time in September, 2002. At first it was mostly ebay, but abebooks.com and amazon's zshops weren't far behind. The zshops became amazon marketplace at about the time I decided to drop ebay. This website came later, I'm thinking 2008, but it was dormant for a couple of years as I really didn't have the time to populate the site. Right now I am working hard to add images to all my listings. Should you like to see a pic for a title without one, let me know. I'll scan the book and upload the pic right away.

I am a generalist, meaning I'll handle anything I can get my hands on. I'd like to think that I specialize in hard to find books. Often that is true. I try to handle mostly out of print, non-fiction imports in subject categories ranging from antiques to crafts, health, military, travel and more.